Why Buy From Your Butcher?
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Why Buy From Your Butcher?

Why Buy From Your Butcher?


When you buy your meat from a reputable butcher, the meat is of much higher quality. For example butcher’s sausages generally have a higher meat content as well as being available in a much wider variety of flavours than a supermarket. Cheaper chicken breasts sold in supermarkets are often pumped with a water solution to increase the weight weight up and make them appear larger, however once cooked they will shrink. Quality is everything!


The price you pay in a butchers is often cheaper than in a supermarket due to being able to buy the amount or weight of meat you need rather than whatever the supermarket have packaged it at.


The products available from a butchers shop far out-weigh what is available from a supermarket, be it cuts of meat, products made by the butcher or meats the butcher has marinaded or flavoured. If there’s a particular cut of meat you’re looking for , then please ask. If we can source it , we will!


It’s always good to support a local business and by doing so you are putting money in the pockets of local people and therefore putting money into the local area. We stock local meat and other sundry items such as sauces or eggs, so by supporting us , you’re also supporting other local businesses.


A good butchers shop will provide outstanding personal service! If you want your meat prepared in a certain way they are happy to do it, want advice on how to cook it, again happy to help. These are just 5 reasons to use us, there are so many more! So why not pop in and take a look ?

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